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The Secret Keeper

Trailer by Jake Chapman

The Performance

An exploration of the possibilities of objects found in nature to create curious puppet creatures.  These are animated through the magic of the hands and the power of imagination accompanied by a soundscape which embodies the power of storytelling in its most inspiring form. 

  • Created, Directed, Performed, Puppets Designed & Made by Araceli Cabrera

  • Top table builder by Ribaud Van den Elzen

  • Mentor/ Graphic Design: Corina Bona

  • Trailer by Jake Chapman

  • Photography by FIan Piotrowski and Araceli Cabrera

  • Duration: 20 minutes

  • Language: Non-verbal show.

  • All audience

  • Created at Horse + Bamboo Puppet Theatre Residency Lancashire, England

  • Premiered at THE BOO PUPPET Festival, Lancashire, England

  • Supported by Smoking Puppet Cabaret

  • An Araceli Puppet Theater Production 2016

Special Thanks to Andrew Purvin, Artistic director of The Fetch Theatre Company

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