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The Sacred Fire

A magical valley surrounded by mountains is the shelter of ´The Sacred Fire´.  The wisest man of the community has been given the role to keep the village fire alive.  The fire is the keeper of life, keeping the people of the valley´s heart burning with joy for the dawn sun and for the winds which bring change and growth.  The wise man guides the people in the valley in a gathering every full moon.  The gathering helps the valley people to breath in the next stage of life and knowledge and to keep the magical world alive.

  • Created, Directed and Performed: Araceli Cabrera

  • Puppets and Sets Designed & Made by Araceli Cabrera

  • Fire Mechanism: Kyle Hirani.

  • Soundtrack edition: Richard Edaem

  • Technique: Table-top puppets, objects and shadow puppetry

  • Photography: Araceli Cabrera

  • Recording Video: Nic Ferris

  • Content Editor: Jude Hutchen

  • Duration: 25 minutes

  • Language: No Text

  • For all audiences

  • Premiered: FEAST Festival. Malvern, England 2018

  • Sponsor: Miquel Mestre

Special Thanks: Dik DowneyVicky Andrews, Pickled Image Company, Hanna Habermann.

Technical requirements:

The Show is 25 minutes long.

Get - in time 2 hours with Tech 

Get –out 1 hrs


The show is performed on a set which comprises of three tabletops. It needs 4 meters x 4 meters area to be performed.

Outdoor I would need a performance area which is quiet and sheltered, and some kind of seating for the audience to make it like an intimate theatre space.

Two hooks on the ceiling or wall to hang a frame drum which is playing as a Moon in the show.

Past Events
Showing of work in progress at Puppet Place Studio, Bristol. 


Moving Object Group collective Art exhibition at PRSC, Bristol, presentation of the set of ´The Sacred Fire´ puppet show


Premier ´The Sacred Fire´ puppet show at FEAST Festival, Malvern.

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