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...´Araceli Cabrera's work is extraordinary. It is earthy yet other-worldly, stories told with precious objects found in nature. Audiences of all ages will be captivated by this dreamworld, set flawlessly to a beautiful soundscape´  Tiffany Hosking, FEAST Festival Director

´The Rehearsal is a shadow puppet show that gives the audience an insight into the trials and tribulations of putting a show together. The show is a behind the curtain view that allows you to witness the challenges the circus folk must overcome or endure to deliver seamless magic and sparkle to an expectant audience. It is far from perfect…´

´....The work of Araceli Cabrera Caceres is entrancing. The performer herself is intense in her focus and pose; fierce yet gentle, almost feline in her movements. The tools of her craft are elemental and natural forms; twig, stick, leaf, bone and feather; with these she captivates then transports her audience to places of otherness, towards wild, raw landscapes summoned up in her extraordinary dance and object play´ Chris Pirie, Co-Producer of Bristol Festival of Puppetry.

A visual performance, Shadow Puppet Theatre and Mask, inspired by Indonesian Wayang Kulit art form.

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