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2019     SHINDIG Festival, England

2018     SHAMBALA Festival, England

           KAOTIK CIRCUS Festival, Spain.

2017     BRISTOL PUPPET Festival, England.

           PORT ELLIOT Festival, England.

           FEAST Festival, Malvern, England


           SHAMBALA Festival, England.

           SHINDIG Festival, England

2016     THE BOO PUPPET Festival,  Lanca, England

           BOOMTOWN Festival at Rimsky Yard, England

           ADM Festival, Amsterdam

           FEAST Festival, Malvern, England



´A magical and captivating twenty-minute non-verbal object theatre piece in which a series of beautiful and minimally worked pieces of driftwood, twisted pieces of roots, pheasant tails, leaves and bones which become alive as mythical creatures.  A dragon crosses the moon and a tiny warrior dreams of flying on it… A lovely introduction to the possibilities of object theatre´  



´An intriguing, refreshing and powerful visual narrative that could be appreciated by audiences for many years´


Andree Parvin, Artistic director of The Fetch Theatre Company (England)


´The Secret Keeper was unlike anything else at The Boo Festival. No cuteness, but lots of forest-floor quality that thrilled young Miyazaki-san´ 


Bob Firth. Lead artist of Horse + Bamboo Theatre (England)

´A Shamanic blend of puppetry and object theatre that will change the way you look at nature forever!´ 

 Margarita Sidirokastriti. Artistic director of Seedlings, children´s cabaret (England)

´A truly enchanting tale straight from the wild imagination of the amazing Araceli who seems to live, breathe and entirely inhabit her puppets and their world´


Teresa Robertson, Artistic Director of Mossy Crow at Port Eliot Festival (England)


´A magical and enchanted piece of visual storytelling´


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