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Welcome to the magical world of Puppetry

Trailer by Jake Chapman

"...A magical and captivating twenty-minute non-verbal object theatre piece in which a series of beautiful and minimally worked pieces of driftwood, twisted pieces of roots, pheasant tails, leaves and bones which become alive as mythical creatures.  A dragon crosses the moon and a tiny warrior dreams of flying on it… A lovely introduction to the possibilities of object theatre"  TOTAL MAGAZINE THEATRE (England) 



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I’m a Chilean-born, Bristol-based, independent creative practitioner, director, producer, scriptwriter, performer, shadow puppeteer, and found object theatre puppetry artist.

My artistic vision in puppetry is Animistic: the belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. I have a powerful and inspiring visual narrative and aesthetic, and I am inspired by nature, aboriginal cultures, and how magic is imbued into performance as shamanic and pre–cinematic live image making. I like to create visual, symbolic pieces, tell stories through non-verbal communication to inspire universal connection and universal understanding, and touch people's hearts.

Araceli Cabrera Performances and Workshops in Shadow Puppetry and Found Object theatre, book here
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