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Artistic Approach

"Araceli Puppetry Theatre reflects my way of being and ancestral roots, which rely on sacred ritual and belief in the magic in all things.  I am fascinated with the opportunities art in its many forms offers in creating, transforming and giving life to inanimate objects. This process is related to the motion, beauty and mysteries of life and death. 

My particular interest in shadow puppetry is rooted in my love for images in motion, films and animation.  I am inspired by old forms of storytelling, and how magic is imbued into performance as shamanic and pre – cinematic live image making.  

Bunraku puppetry techniques and animating objects which I collect from the landscape characterise my work.  I let myself be found by the objects, I let them surprise me and allow them to bring up the stories. For me the creative process is a tuning in process, which confirms when I am doing the right thing, when I am following the path.

My inspiration comes from my indigenous roots and the cosmology of Chilean folklore from the Andes Mountains, which opened my mind in terms of giving and seeing life in everything.  For me everything is alive and One - the stones, the Moon, the plants, the rocks and trees.  


Creativity is an ancient and magical process for connecting with the world around us."


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