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Araceli's Puppetry World


"The Secret Keeper" - Found Object Theatre

ADM Festival Amsterdam.jpg


"...A magical and captivating twenty-minute non-verbal object theatre piece in which a series of beautiful and minimally worked pieces of driftwood, twisted pieces of roots, pheasant tails, leaves and bones which become alive as mythical creatures.  A dragon crosses the moon and a tiny warrior dreams of flying on it… A lovely introduction to the possibilities of object theatre"  - TOTAL MAGAZINE THEATRE (England)

"The Sacred Fire" - Found Object Theatre

IMG_0450 (2)_edited.jpg


"A Shamanic blend of puppetry and object theatre that will change the way you look at nature forever!´"​- Margarita Sidirokastriti. Artistic director of Seedlings, children´s cabaret (England)

"The Rehearsal" Shadow Puppet Theatre

El Ensayo-Mr Frog_edited.jpg
"A truly beautiful piece that will remembered for a long time’’ - Kim Lamb, primary Teacher.

‘‘A really enchanting and beautiful show that anyone who takes the time to see it will discover a gem!’’ - Sophi Myland, member of the audience and puppeteer.

‘‘Araceli mixes the delicate charming & beautiful, with technical mastery & sensitivity to the human condition... ’’ - Laura Pocked, Rimsky´s Yard at Boomtown Festival.

"URKA" Shadow Puppetry

piranha (2).JPG


"An intriguing, refreshing and powerful visual narrative that could be appreciated by audiences for many years" - Andree Parvin, Artistic director of The Fetch Theatre Company (England)


Found Objects and Shadow puppet

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