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Technical requirements


The Show is 20 minutes long.

Get - in time 30 minutes with Tech

Get –out 20 minutes



The show is performed on a small set which comprises of a tabletop, it is 2 meters long and 35cm width. It doesn´t need more than 4 meters x 4 meters area to be performed. 

It needs a hook on the ceiling or wall to hang a frame drum which is playing as a Moon in the show.

Indoor Space


So far the show has been performed in flexible spaces with minimal lighting. It needs a warm general cover and three soft-focus spots over table area and someone who can support as a lighting technician. It is basic and uncomplicated.



It needs to provide a P.A.

Outdoor Space

It needs to provide a performance area that is quiet and sheltered if it is raining and some kind of seating for the audience to make it like an intimate theatre space.


No lighting required at day time.


It needs to provide electricity supplied to the performance area and a P.A System



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