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Object Manipulation

The Spirit of Nature

 “The Spirit of Nature” is a workshop exploring how objects found in nature can create curious puppet creatures.  Participants will learn how to bring them alive through the magic of their hands and the power of imagination. 

Available Workshop for art lesson, after school club and festivals.

The workshop would comprise of three parts:

  • Collect natural objects such as leaves, seeds, roots, feathers, branches, bark from a local green area - or a selection can be provided.

  • A playful warm-up hand exploring the techniques of manipulation and the many possibilities of how to move, use natural objects and bring them alive

  • Personal and group improvisation with the creatures created.

Materials: Object found in nature and clay.

Ages 5 + 

Maximum 12 children per session

Running time: 60 – 90 minutes

To book the Workshop click here
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